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New Briefing Paper: Zero Waste in a Wellbeing Economy

This new paper, launched at the end of COP27, was led by Swedish circular economy expert Malin Leth. The paper describes the irony of how we have generated a highly materialistic culture that does not seem able to actually value materials and proposes a framework for us to shift the current path, the 5Rs: Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, […]


Treasure what we measure: first steps towards an Australian Wellbeing Budget

by Margreet Frieling, Knowledge Co-Lead at WEAll Margreet has fifteen years of experience working in the public sector internationally, including for the OECD, the New Zealand Ministries for the Environment, Social Development, Education, and Finance and the Dutch Ministry of Health & Wellbeing. Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers is joining the global movement towards a wellbeing […]


In turbulent times, our leaders must address the systemic causes driving our mental health problems and prioritise wellbeing.

by Kate Pickett Kate is co-author, with Richard Wilkinson, of The Inner Level: How More Equal SocietiesReduce Stress, Restore Sanity and Improve Everyone’s Well-Being.Website: We seem to be reeling from crisis to crisis these days – the global financial crisis of 2008 has been followed by the cost of living crisis, the climate crisis […]


WEAll Talk: Collaborative urban wellbeing regeneration ‘natural experiments’: Two examples from the United Kingdom

This talk outlines two transdisciplinary natural experiments, in two deprived urban areas of Manchester and London (UK). Both projects involve working with local communities to “measure what we treasure” and go beyond traditional measures. The first involved a new £4 million co-designed ‘sponge’ park in a flood-risk area, at the end of a housing-led regeneration […]


The Dialogue Dance: from competition to collaboration in the language of social progress and sustainable development

Written by: Alden Lai, Amanda Janoo, Jennifer Wallace, Jon Hall, and Tim Lomas, Over the past 20 years there have been increasing calls to shift from the dominant paradigms in economics and public policy that prioritise economic growth to a new conceptual framework of progress that centres on our people and planet’s quality of life. […]